Sunday, 29 July 2012

Soooo, for anyone who has previously read my blog, apart from my clear love for Bon Iver, Florence and the Machine, holidays, friends, and family; another love of mine is shopping in charity shops. There are three amazing shops just 3minutes away from my house in the small Town I live in 20minutes away from the center of Nottingham. SO I am basically in them all the time looking for cheap treats for myself.

A while ago I got a new Jacket which was only £7 from Cancer Research UK (a charity that holds a special place in my heart, so getting new clothes and supporting them is a bonus).
Another recent charity shop purchase is my lovely new shoes. They were an amazing £3 from Mind!!!!
(apologies for the horrible red mosquito bite on my foot, please ignore that part of the photo aha)


  1. You're amazing at scouting out bargains! Love the jacket & shoes x

  2. Thank you! My lack of money at the moment has encouraged me to find new ways of getting new clothes, and it actually pays off! x

  3. You look gorgeous! Love the charity shop bargains :) x