Thursday, 15 November 2012

A post for Emily...

Soooo I attempted to delete this blog when I was really sad and fed up one day, and it never happened, because I am not very good with all this technology malarkey.

My last post was in September, a time in my life I would like to forget; I was pretty low from my break up with my ex Josh, and everything around me seemed like it was crumbling. However nearly three months on I can honestly say that almost everything in my life has changed and become better, I am a happy egg now despite the mountains of work I have piling up around me.

SOOOOOO a few things that have changed...

  • I am now back at Uni, in my third and final year. I live in a beautiful house in Sheffield with my four lovely friends. Our student house doesn't feel like a student house at all, it is newly done up and just feels like a lovely little home. We have of course added our personal touches; there is a a lot of bunting, a lot of pictures, pillows and blankets thrown everywhere, candles, flowers, books, DVDs, fairy lights etcetc dotted everywhere, and it really does feel like our little home. This year I have been going out a lot more (which probably isn't a good idea for third year, but it's just so fun), I have been making a lot more friends and doing a lot more things I wouldn't usually. I have grown in confidence so much, and finally feel like I'm making the most of University and freedom, and finally, I am just generally a happier person within myself, all the shit that happened has made me stronger and more confident, and now I feel like I can tackle the world no matter how scary it seems. 
  • I lost my phone (not such a good thing), but I suppose it is a sign that I needed a fresh start. Out with the old and in with the new? Maybe? Maybe I'm just trying to soften the blow.  
  • I may have met someone new...but I won't go in to that on here, but yep, that is a thing. 
  • I have been buying a lot of clothes (again, naughty)
  • All is well with my family again; my sisters wedding plans are coming along nicely, she had her second wedding dress fitting the other week which was funnnn, and we even met up with the lady who is designing our bridesmaid dresses, wooooooo. My parents recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and jetted off to our villa for a week away, I am insanely jealous.
  • I have been going out for a lot of meals, a lot of walks round parks, I have been watching a lot of films, laughing a lot, dancing a lot, I have sat in a lot of cafes with friends and nice people and watched the world go by for hours, and generally been quite content with life.
  • I died my hair for the first time in two years, and it is very dark, but I have been told it looks nice, and there is nothing I can do about it now, so I'm embracing my new...slightly Gothic look.
  • I have lost a bit of weight which is always nice.
  • I finally went and saw my favorite ever ever ever band again, BON IVER, they were incredible.
At Uni again, sporting my new charity shop coat, £4 Age UK
My parents built a fire, and it was good
Volunteered at Octoberfest. Working for the BBC was so fun!
Home fun!
Got to film some tiny piglets for my Uni work. Best thing ever!
Did some modelling for Jen's Uni work...again
Becca's 21st birthday meal. Drinking the best cocktail in the world.
New charity shop shirt £3 Oxfam.
Reunited in 'freshers'

Octoberfest again...met Alan Davies!!!
The BBC team at Octoberfest!
New phone, and my beautiful planet looking bruise!

(As you can see, bunting and pillows, and another new charity shop top, £3 Age UK)
Adventureeee is out there!
Bon Iver
Playing with bears
Manchester! New trousers £25 H&M

Antwerp Mansion- this is where we went on a night out after Bon Iver in Manchester. It is a hugeeeee old house, and also a club. We watched live jazz, and got very drunk, incredible...
Antwerp Mansion

Dyed my hair...
And again... It looks darker here than it actually is, but yeah you get the gist. 
And that is about it. Apologies for how long and repetitive this post is, my lovely friend Emily asked me to keep blogging, so 2am seemed a good time to start, as I am sleepy and bored and fancied writing about something non-media and Uni work related. 

Amarni xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Gay comment but:
    It couldn't make me happier to see how genuinely happy you are. I've never known you to smile as much as you do at the moment, I know its because I am incredible but lets not digress. Love ya Amarni Emily.

  2. Is this loving mood because I gave you my pepsi max and popcorn tonight? That is a big deal. Love you millions. Happy egg right hereeee.


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