Thursday, 15 August 2013

Back again...

Hello all, so it seems another catching up post is in order, as once again I've been very absent from the world of blogger (the life of a graduate ay). It must be because I am getting old; did I mention I turned 21? Well I did, and my family, friends, and boyfriend made it the most amazing day! We booked out a little cafe where I live, which provided us with lots of booze, a three course meal, and such a nice evening. My Mum and Dad went all out on balloons and presents and sequins, and I got some amazing presents (I will show you some later). Then the evening took me and my friends in to town for a good old fashion boogie (jesus I am getting old). The next day I was presented with a surprise from Dan, and I finally received my letter to Hogwarts, and spent the day getting lost in the magical Harry Potter studios.

Oh also, this is sort of a big deal, butttt since I last posted, I have, as I just gave away, graduated!! I achieved a 2:1, less than 1% off a first, which is highly annoying- but such is life!

I have been working at Leicester University full time doing admin stuff, hoping to eventually save up to go travelling next year with my friend Aimee Wootton. Anyone who has ever read my blog will be very familiar with Woot, she's a good egg!

Oh oh oh, before I forget, I must mention that my sister got married last month! It was one of the best days of my life, and luckily her summer wedding was actually sunny. It was at the beginning of England's short but sweet heat wave, and it made the day even more magical and beautiful! We have over 2,000 photos, but I will select a few to show off how good it was (not boasting or anything, but I have the BEST sister, and she organised the BEST wedding)

I have also being doing a bit of holidaying since I last checked in. I was lucky enough to be invited to beautiful Tuscany in Italy, by my boyfriend, Dan's lovely family. Visiting places like Florence, Pisa, and lots of little hill top villages gave me an incredible taste of how beautiful Italy is and I am so excited to be going back on August 31st to ROME! I spent a week eating a million calories worth of pizza, pasta, mozzarella, and locally made ice cream, and I do not regret a single stone!

Picture time? I think so (WARNING- there is a lot!)

Amazing new bike from my sister and her husband