Sunday, 29 July 2012

Soooo, for anyone who has previously read my blog, apart from my clear love for Bon Iver, Florence and the Machine, holidays, friends, and family; another love of mine is shopping in charity shops. There are three amazing shops just 3minutes away from my house in the small Town I live in 20minutes away from the center of Nottingham. SO I am basically in them all the time looking for cheap treats for myself.

A while ago I got a new Jacket which was only £7 from Cancer Research UK (a charity that holds a special place in my heart, so getting new clothes and supporting them is a bonus).
Another recent charity shop purchase is my lovely new shoes. They were an amazing £3 from Mind!!!!
(apologies for the horrible red mosquito bite on my foot, please ignore that part of the photo aha)


The Olympics opening ceremony was absolutely amazing, and once again I feel proud to be British. This song was just one of the highlights from the ceremony. 
Roll on two weeks of athletics, and not thinking 'what shall I watch tonight'

Monday, 23 July 2012

Tramlines- an incredible weekend!

Sooo this weekend I have been to Tramlines; a free festival with stages dotted around Sheffield city center, which over 150,000 people attended this year! It was honestly one of the best weekends I have had in so long, and I could not be happier.

I went with my two friends Aimee and Jen, and we arrived on Thursday evening at our beautiful new student house, ten minutes outside the city center in the studenty part of Sheffield. Thursday night was not very fun as I was preparing for my meeting with Rosalind Eve, a manager at Age UK who I will be making a number of videos for, for my dissertation, which is actually very exciting, and after my meeting on the Friday morning, I can not wait to get started in October!

Then on Friday afternoon the fun began; we got the know our house, wandered around Ecclesall Road where we are now living, and then spent the night getting very drunk, meeting new people, dancing, singing etcetc (the usual antics included in a night out). But overall the night was just very very fun. We eventually went to sleep at 5am, only to be woken up again at 8:30am by the glorious sunshine outside, which in hindsight, is not the worst way to be woken up. Around 1ish on Saturday we headed out in the sun to explore Tramlines, which did not disappoint. On Saturday night we headed out for another night out in Sheffield, which was again a really really good night out. We were again awoken by the beautiful sunshine on Sunday morning, and headed out again to explore more of Tramlines. We headed to a park 5minutes away from our house were the 'Folk Forrest' stage was situated, which was amazing. It felt like I was back at Glastonbury again with people scattered everywhere, lovely music blasting out, lots of drink, lots of bunting, lots of happy people, and clear blue skies. Oh, and the parks beautiful river and enchanted looking Forrest helped to make it my favorite part of Tramlines 2012. We then went in to the center again and watched Dog is Dead (a really good band from Nottingham, I seriously recommend giving them a listen), and then We Are Scientists, which brought this amazing free festival to an end.

Here are some photos of the weekend, I have put far too many on, but I didn't know which ones to choose, so here you go...

Our street, taken from my bedroom window


Our little back garden

Monday, 9 July 2012

Playing catch up

So once again I am playing catch up with myself, as I am always forgetting to update my blog, then when I come round to it, lots of things have happened and I have a lot to say, and a lot of pictures to post. It's confusing as I always feel like I'm just floating about not really doing anything with my life while on a break from University, but somehow I always have a lot to update everyone on when I come back to it.

As you know it was my Dad's surprise birthday party, and finally the pictures are online and ready to show you all.

English weather can do one

And now I have a few more photos, as me and my family have been for a weekend away in Whitby. I love Whitby so much, it is such a lovely seaside town. The weather was bizarre, in true British spirit; one minute it was sunny, the next it was raining, and then the next the air was covered in 'sea mist', it is basically a mix of fog and veryyy light rain. Delightful.