Friday, 14 September 2012

Dear all...

Dear all (if anyone actually ever reads this), I am going to be deleting my blog very soon (as soon as I've worked out how to do it); I am pretty miserable at the moment and have nothing very interesting to say. I've always been pretty rubbish at all this blogging malarkey anyway. So goodbye everyoneeee.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

MORE charity shop bargains...

I am now beginning to think that my love for raiding charity shops and finding bargains, is turning in to an addiction. I am on first name terms with the workers in each of the three charity shops in the small town I live in. I now find it very difficult to pay full price for clothes in my old favorites (and probably everyone's), Topshop, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Cow etcetc. I would much rather rummage through a lot of weird and horrible clothes, to find lovely bargains that I know no one else will be walking around in. Most of the clothes I buy I feel could have once been owned by a little old lady, which says a lot about my style actually. Here are some I got recently...

This mid/long patterned skirt cost £4 from Cancer research UK

  • This black short sleeved shirt cost £3.50 from Mind.
  • The Jeans were meant to be £3 from Cancer research UK, but I managed to get it in a buy one get one free offer with the skirt I discussed further up, so these skinny jeans were free.

This scarf was from Mind and was £2.25

And finally, this book was also from mind, it was £1.50. Lately I can't get enough of reading trashy love stories, so buying cheap books and then donating them again seemed a good option, to give money to charity, and enjoy a good book (I do keep some of them.)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Paralympics and birthdays

August turned out to be a very busy month, filled with lots of birthday, which is lovely and exciting, but also very costly. On August 22nd I headed to Wolverhampton with a few changes along the way, to see my lovely friend Aimee on her birthday. We went for cocktails, went out, went shopping in Birmingham, ate a lot, and watched some amazing films. Overall, I had a lovely few days, and it was so lovely to finally see her world away from Uni (it only took me two years to go and visit her, I am a baddie)
Then, I headed home on the Friday, ready for my other amazing friend Sammy's birthday. For her birthday we went to her house and had punch, ate cake, chatted, and got drunk, then headed to Rescue Rooms for a night out. It was so lovely for all my friends from home to be together, and I can't really say more than that, as I don't remember much of the night. (Sorry about alllll the pictures to come)

After all this excitement, I started then getting excited about the Paralympics, as my family and I were very very lucky and got tickets to the rowing, archery, and athletics. We got to go to Eton Dorney, the Royal artillery barracks, and then last but not least, the Olympic village and stadium. The experience was incredible, and I can't describe how exciting and inspiring the whole weekend was. Here are some pictures...
Eton Dorney- Rowing

Team GB winning the second heat

Richard Whitehead the gold medalist on the side of a building. Fun fact- he was my P.E teacher in high school!  

The view from our apartment.
The Olympic village (or Paralympic), and the Athletics!!

The incredible view from our seats

GOLD for Aled Davies