Friday, 30 March 2012

Sorting out my life...

Just lately I have been attempting to sort my life out; after breaking one phone, then loosing another, then continuing to loose my purse and leather jacket after that (but I found them again), I decided it was time to sort out some things I could. This week I did a radio show at Uni and put in so much effort to try and make it run smoothly, and I actually felt I did okay, fingers crossed the grade matches that comment. 
I have also sorted out my dissertation for third year this week, I am going to be working with Age UK making a video that they can use to promote the charity, and that they can also use in presentations and on the website; I'm excited to be doing some work that I'm proud of, and that can help a cause, and that I can also add to my CV. 
It is onward and upwards from here!

Sunday, 25 March 2012


My friend Tunney is obsessed with taking photos, and after our little trip to Manchester, Tunney came back with me to Uni, and my other friend Kara came down a day later. We again had so much fun, and had such a good time out. And every part of the night was documented by my lovely friend, who is a woman obsessed!!
I won't bore you with all the photos, but I'll just put on a few nice and funny ones.

Today was also a glorious and beautiful day, me and my friends said goodbye to my pals from home, and then spent the day in the sunshine on the park outside my flat, which is littered with student as soon as the sunshine comes out, it was amazing and I felt like I was at a festival, with blistering heat, music playing, and the smell of BBQ's floating through the air. Delightful!

Friday, 23 March 2012


This week I went to Manchester with a load of my friends from home to surprise our friend Lewis, who was turning 21. He was so shocked and so happy to see that we'd all gone down to see him, and we had an incredible day and crazy night in Manchester. The sun also came out specially for the occasion!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


My favorite outfits as of late are the classic collar and jumper combination, and floaty, comfy summer dresses; obviously paired with some thick tights and brogues, my new daytime Mac lipstick (I kept using my friends, and decided to invest in my own) and my new black leather backpack which I got for £4 from British Heart Foundation, bargain.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Some things I like...

Ryan Gosling
Summer/Autumn florals
Alexa Chung
Justin Veron- Bon Iver
Girl Interrupted 
Cold glasses of lemonade on a summer day
Adam Brody -Think O.C 
Double exposure photography, mixing two beautiful images to make one extra special one
Beautiful people, and pastel colors
Thick-knitted boyfriend jumpers
Beautiful Florence Welch
Into The Wild. Adventure awaits. 'Happiness is only real when shared.' 


Life has been rather busy lately, with Uni work, friends, family, trips, and nights out, therefore I have somewhat neglected my blog which is sad because I like to write down my thoughts, and general things that happen in my life.
This weekend has been Mothers day, a day to spoil all the Mums out there, and a day for general girly fun. On Saturday me, my sister, my mum and my sisters other bridesmaid all bundled in the car armed with a little granny trolley for all the things we picked up and bought, money, coats, and excitement, and we headed to Birmingham at 10am. We spent the day looking at beautiful jewelry, flowers, dresses, cakes, bunting, decorations etcetc; we watched a beautiful and funny catwalk which was Disney themed (and obviously wedding themed also), we had tea, sandwiches, and cake on a beautiful cake stand, and generally had an amazing day.
We spend actual Mothering Sunday at my Grandma's house with both my beautiful Grandma's, my parents, my sister and Robert. As always, the food and company was amazing.
I love busy weekends at home.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

His voice, and songs are beautiful; some amazing lyrics too. Check him out...

'If you are afraid don't be,
I have the whole thing planned,
We’ll start in the ocean baby,
And when we find the land,
We will be thankful to,
All of our friends,
That they didnt leave us,
As we got to the end. '

Benjamin Francis Leftwich- Pictures