Thursday, 2 June 2011

Dreams and being home

So, today and last night I began to notice my once very normal eye turn disgusting. I have conjunctivitis which is not pleasing to both the eye, and well my eye... So this glorious day will have to be spent in my garden, as its highly contagious, and I look like shit really.
Last night my dreams were quite uneasy and made me think back to some not so happy times in my life. Where everything around me crumbled. Luckily after almost 3 years of sadness, heartbreak and having to watch self-destruction and not being able to do anything about it, things are finally looking up. Me and my family have now moved in to a beautiful new cottage where everything seems a lot easier and we all seem to be able to reflect on the past, rather than still be living it. 
Being back for summer from University has been lovely so far, seeing old friends for lunches and nights out such as Kara, Sammy, Tunney and loads more has been amazing. Feeling like a part of their world is so nice and that goes for my parents too. I have finally settled in to the new house and see it as my home rather than a little holiday cottage we are staying in for the short-term. 

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