Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Day to day

I spend my weeks lately in what can only be described as organised chaos. 
Every Tuesday I meet up with my girlfriends for food and drinks to discuss day to day life and what is going on with us and our worlds, we tell tales and drink and eat and laugh and cry and comfort each other, like best friends do.
Every Wednesday and Friday lately I have been having driving lessons and trying so hard to perfect the art of driving (it is harder than it looks believe me).
Every Saturday I go out with my friends and normally Josh too, we get drunk and dance and have lots of fun. Despite a few drunken arguments here and there.
The rest of the days in my week are normally filled with family, Josh and job hunting. This weekend I went to Josh's house and stayed there until Tuesday, today. We played Jenga and cooked and talked and laughed. We invited his friends over and did the same with them (bar the cooking). We had so much fun lounging about together, being young and free and in love.

Today I also got my hair cut, I really do like it, but fear it looks like I have curtains.

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