Monday, 4 July 2011

My weekend and Monday

I haven't posted for a while now and that is because I have had a very fun and interesting weekend, it has been my Dad's birthday so the Woods and Josh headed up to Swindon to stay with my sister as it is closer to London and she has a lovely house with her boyfriend of six years Chris!
We headed down to Swindon after my driving lesson and arrived about four-ish, after present opening and a drink we went and got ready, we headed over to Tom Kerridge's restaurant off The Great British Menu, it has a Michelin star and it is the first Michelin star restaurant I have ever been to! The area it was in was absolutely stunning and if I ever won the lottery, I would get myself a cottage there. We had an amazing meal, the food was so so good. 

The next day we said goodbye to Josh who headed back to Bristol and got the train to London, Paddington station. We arrived in London and went to this food market that was so nice and had so much tasty food, we then walked along the river and headed over to the massive Topshop, after that we went for a drink and sit down at Costa as London was very hot that day! We went and looked in Hamlets, the toys were so cool! After that we went to Soho for our second Michelin star in two days, we got these vouchers and it was again, an amazing meal. After the meal we went out on the streets of Soho, it was gay pride day which made the night even more interesting. The streets were full of people singing and dancing and partying, all the Wood family got in the spirit of things and were dancing and celebrating.
I then saw China town for the first time, I was very impressed!

Sunday was a more relaxing day in Swindon and my sister Tabba cooked us a lovely meal, we then headed back to Nottingham.

Today, Monday has also been a lovely day. I bet my friends Kara, Tunney and Sammy and we had lunch at this lovely place The Hawksley, we then walked through 'The Park', it is a place in Nottingham, it is picture perfect with amazing old houses and lovely little parks dotted around, it is literally 5minutes from town too! We all decided we want to live there one day, it is our dream! 

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