Saturday, 9 July 2011

Splendid Saturday

Today I went to town with the lovely Kara and found the shirt below, which was an amazing bargain, I also purchased a card for my Grandma who's birthday it is today. Happy birthday Nanny, love youuuu.
I then got the bus back to my house in the sunshine, despite a few downpours of rain, the weather has been amazing today. The sun is so warm and there is a lovely breeze every now and then to cool me down.
Before I enjoyed the sunshine though, me and my mum booked up some lovely dishes for my Nanny's birthday BBQ tomorrow. She is bringing her dog Jess, Jess is the best dog in the world!
We made these burgers which are made with sausage meat, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, parmesan, basil and parsley! yumm
These obviously aren't cooked yet!
After making lots of lovely things, I then had my dinner and enjoyed the sun.
I am now in the process of getting ready to go out to town. Lovely day all round!

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