Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sun sun sun

Today I wore this outfit, I am not a big fan of getting too much skin out when the sun comes out and its warm in England. I found this outfit perfect as the shorts without tights mean my legs are free, but the shirt makes the whole outfit look a bit less bare. 
Putting my hair up just means it is out of the way and stops my neck getting too hot.

Today has been so beautiful and sunny, all I wanted to do was get out the house, so me and my dad went to B&Q and Homebase to get some things for the house. We then went and met my mum on her lunch break and went to a lovely little Deli in West Bridgeford, I cannot for the life of me remember its name! We then went and looked round a few little gift shops, said goodbye to my mum and went food shopping.

It's my turn to cook tonight so I'm doing Chicken breast with pesto, mozzarella and roasted pine nuts with green beans and Italian potatoes. I've cooked it a few times before so hopefully it will all go to plan and shouldn't take too long to make.
Until then, I'm off to sit in the garden with some strawberries and a cocktail.

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