Sunday, 14 August 2011

London Zoo

This weekend me, Josh, my sister Tabitha and her boyfriend Chris all went to the zoo for my late birthday present. I love how much us four get on, and how much fun we have when we are together.
We met up in Camden at 11am (this meant me and Josh had to get the train at 8:28am, ouch). We then walked to London zoo and sat on the grass to have our picnic before we started looking around, the park was really nice, and Tabba had outdone herself and got us so many night picnic treats, it was lovely!
We then looked round all the animals and it was amazing!
After the zoo we began the long journey back to Swindon to Tabba and Chris's house. We were boiling and tired but still in good spirits after our fun day!
When we got back we had some nice pizza's and playing Wii games till 2am and then all crashed out.
I had the most amazing time.

Little bottle of pepsi max

Incredible picnic

Under tha sea

This looks like one of the lizards off the film 'Holes'


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