Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My flat for next year is completely confirmed and mine to move in on the 17th September. This summer has gone way too fast, although it will be lovely to go back and have back my freedom, and Uni friends. I can't help but think about all the things I'm leaving behind at home. It breaks my heart to even think about saying goodbye to my family, Josh and friends at home again.

Something I haven't missed about Uni is trains, sitting on trains for hours on my own to go and see various people is tiring and draining. Having to travel to get a hug from my mum and dad makes me very sad. But the biggest change when going back to Uni, is my relationship with Josh. Everything get a little bit harder, as we get a lot further. Three and a half hour train journeys every month kill me and only seeing him two times a month is horrible, but every sad train journey and tearry goodbye is worth it, because I get to see my lovely boyfriend again. Being together almost everyday over summer has been incredible, I never even let myself think about when it ends...

Although it makes me really sad leaving home, I also feel really excited about moving in with my friends. I will be living with five girls, Aimee, Jess, Jen and Becca in a really big, modern flat. We are bringing lots of board games and I am bringing my PS2 plus lots of games for that. We are going to make our flat looking homey and I am certain that we are going to have an absolutely amazing time living together.

Though there are lots of positives, and negatives about going to University, I am glad I went.

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