Thursday, 18 August 2011

This time last year...

I had a broken family and life, the conditions I had to do exams in where unbearable, hard and heartbreaking. Some how I pulled through and still tried my very best. I did better than I could ever have imagined in my results and got in to my first choice of University, Sheffield Hallam. 
A year on, so much has changed. My parents are back together again, my dad is back at work finally. We moved house after 18 years at my other one. I went to uni, made new friends and became independent (sort of). Me and Josh lasted through it all, and with our 2 year anniversary fast approaching. Things finally seem to be in a state of calm in my life, and I am happy to just be normal again. 
Please let it stay this way...


  1. Resilience. It's our key word! From now and always we have to be resilient.