Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Having a rubbish cold and mountains of work really is ruining my social life, and my life in general. However, I am increasingly getting more and more excited for Christmas and the weekends. Josh is up this weekend, a long awaited visit, which I hope/know will be filled with cuddles, kisses, nice food, naughty things and love. The  Christmas lights are also being turned on, on Sunday, so I imagine we will be down their in our hats and scarfs with hot chocolate and nice food!
The weekend after that my parents are coming up on Sunday to take me out for a meal and come and see my flat again and meee, I can't wait to see them as I miss them so much. Mum and Dad will also be bringing mine and my sisters old Christmas tree, which no longer fits in our new house, so me and the girls at uni have inherited it and its decorations! Can't wait to put it up and make the flat look Christmasy!
The countdown begins...

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