Sunday, 27 November 2011

Merry beginning of... almost Christmas

Today has been such a lovely day, my parents came down to visit me in Sheffield after they'd been to see my Grandma in Leeds. They arrived at around 11:30am and it was so so lovely to them, I know it sounds shit, but they are absolutely incredible people and I miss them so much when I'm at uni!
My mum and Dad also came baring gifts, they brought me a little bag a treats that my grandma had put together for me, containing my favorite biscuits, a cookie, a bag of haribo sweets, a Christmas card with £5 in, a little teddy Santa, and some mini crackers which my mum arranged on my windowsill to look lovely and Christmassy. They also brought our old Christmas tree with the lights and baubles and mine and my sisters little fairy, an advent calender and lots more Christmassy things, including some lovely fairy lights which look amazing in my room!
We then went shopping and had a little wander around shops, picking out things we like and spending quality time together. Then we went to my favorite little restaurant/bar in Sheffield, the old house and had an incredible meal. Mum and Dad bought my a little desk lamp for my room too, to make it look more homey, and then we went back and chilled in my room. It was so so lovely to see them, and I cannot wait for Christmas.

After they left, me and my flatmates decided to make snowflakes and some Christmas decorations in preparation for tomorrows day of putting up our trees, listening to Christmmasy music, and watching Christmas films. Can't wait!

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