Monday, 7 November 2011

Nice November

Well this weekend has been spent back in (not so) sunny Nottingham! It was my beautiful big sister Tabitha's birthday and we kicked off her birthday weekend by going to Glee Club on Friday night, which is a bar and comedy club. All the comedians we saw were so funny and my tummy hurt by the end of the evening. After the comedians had finished we went downstairs to the bar to drink our drinks and played a hardcore game of jenga  , which my parents were amazing at, even when very drunk. I drove everyone back and saw my lovely Josh that evening as he stayed over.
On Saturday me and Josh went to pick up Kara from her house and took a long, but lovely scenic route back to mine, kara stayed for nibbles and a natter and had to go. Then Josh head off to go and see Katy Perry with his friends and Tun came over. We headed in to town and went for a meal with Sammy, George, Will and later on Kara and we all headed off to Forrest fields for the firework display, bonfire and funfair! We lit sparklers and went on rides and had a lot of fun, although I was not feeling my best and decided to head home for an early night.
On Sunday we got up early to open Tabba's presents, and then got amaazing sausage sandwiches in bed. I then drove to Tom Browns with mum, dad and Josh, with Tabba and Chris following behind, where we met my Nanny and Robert, we had a lovely meal and nibbles later on that night, and unfortunately I had to say goodbye to my Joshy.
On Monday we went to look at a wedding venue my sister and Chris have been interested in for a while, and despite spooky, dark and foggy weather, it looked beautiful and worthy of my sister's amazing wedding to come!
I love being at home in Nottingham with my family and friends.
Here are a few pictures from Bonfire night...

Wellcome home baby Sadie

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