Wednesday, 23 November 2011

work work work

My days are mainly filled with Uni work lately, and as much as it pisses me off and stresses me out, as soon as i finish a bit of work, I feel so proud of myself, and all the labor and worry vanishes, then all that's left is the result, which is the worst bit! I am working on one of the hardest essays I have ever had to do at the moment, and finally getting in to it, and making some good points, which is so rewarding.

Other, more enjoyable bits of work I am doing at the moment, are the six pages I have to put together for my own magazine on whatever I want. Naturally I chose to do a fashion magazine, and it is basically vogue with my own little twist, it is more fashion based, meaning less advertisements, and no signs of celebrities that are nothing to do with the fashion industry, instead I chose to do an article on Twiggy, and used a beautiful, less well known model for my from cover. I will also be doing a double page spread on Festival fashion, and will have to put together my own contents page and advertisement, which I will also have to take my own pictures for. Here is a photo I took on my phone of the finished three pages I have done so far, ignore the lines as it is still on InDesign and hasn't been converted to a PDF file yet.

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