Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A lot about Christmas

I wish my life involved all of the above at the moment, minus the girl, I'll go in her place. Basically I would love to have a huge rant about the weather right now, I'd moan about how cold and wet and miserable it is outside, but I will refrain from going any further. The up side for many to this dark and cold time of year is of course Christmas. It has to be said, i'm not very looking forward to Christmas this year, it's the first Christmas i'll have ever spent in my whole life without my beautiful big sister Tabitha, which i'm trying not to think about because it is too upsetting. It is also our turn to go and spend Christmas with my family in Leeds, which means no Christmas eve at the pub with my friends, and no boxing day spent with my lovely boyfriend Josh. However, I can't wait to go back to Nottingham and see my friends and family at home, it seems like so long since I last saw them all, and it'll be lovely to catch up by getting fucked at Mega Xmas Emo Onslaught, and Jingle Bell Bopp.

First of all before home time though, it's time for mine and my flat's version of Christmas. So technically it is Christmas write now, MERRY CHRISTMAS. Our day will involve lots of food that we'll attempt to make, lots of Christmas music and Christmas films, crackers, presents, decorations, fun and alcohol, I personally cannot wait! Pictures will follow at a later date, but for now I have a few pictures we took on the day we put up the tree, which was equally as Christmassy, we clearly can't get enough of it!

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