Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Say hello to my little friend

Say hello to Pascal, you may also have seen him in the film 'Tangled'. If you haven't ever watched the film before then you are seriously missing out, and it has to be said Pascal is the cutest animated character I have ever seen, he even beats Boo from 'Monsters INC'.
You all may be wondering why I have a little Disney character teddy at the age of 19, but I really don't have a rational or 'cool' answer, I just love him, and my beautiful friend Jen got him me for Christmas all the way from America, but he never arrived. Then the other day we saw him in the Disney shop and bought him straight away. 
I his adventure all the way from America took him a long time as he only has small legs, but I'm glad he made it!
This is the tailor for Tangled, enjoy!

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