Tuesday, 11 September 2012

MORE charity shop bargains...

I am now beginning to think that my love for raiding charity shops and finding bargains, is turning in to an addiction. I am on first name terms with the workers in each of the three charity shops in the small town I live in. I now find it very difficult to pay full price for clothes in my old favorites (and probably everyone's), Topshop, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Cow etcetc. I would much rather rummage through a lot of weird and horrible clothes, to find lovely bargains that I know no one else will be walking around in. Most of the clothes I buy I feel could have once been owned by a little old lady, which says a lot about my style actually. Here are some I got recently...

This mid/long patterned skirt cost £4 from Cancer research UK

  • This black short sleeved shirt cost £3.50 from Mind.
  • The Jeans were meant to be £3 from Cancer research UK, but I managed to get it in a buy one get one free offer with the skirt I discussed further up, so these skinny jeans were free.

This scarf was from Mind and was £2.25

And finally, this book was also from mind, it was £1.50. Lately I can't get enough of reading trashy love stories, so buying cheap books and then donating them again seemed a good option, to give money to charity, and enjoy a good book (I do keep some of them.)

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