Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I think I spoke too soon when I said that everything was going okay in my life for once.
My beautiful cat Sadie, who I run up to every time I see her and give her a big fuss and a hug, has been missing now for almost 10 days now. No hope from the RSPCA, or the vets, or the people who clear away cats from the side of roads and read their chips to find out who the owners are.

All we can hope now is that some one is feeding her or something and with a little luck they will see the posters, or see her and bring her home.
I can't even imagine going home and her not being there, every time I ring my mum she is in floods of tears. Sadie may 'just be a cat', but she was family, and we got her about 3 years ago when my dad was poorly, Sadie made things a little happier in our lives and I pray that she isn't taken away.

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