Friday, 30 March 2012

Sorting out my life...

Just lately I have been attempting to sort my life out; after breaking one phone, then loosing another, then continuing to loose my purse and leather jacket after that (but I found them again), I decided it was time to sort out some things I could. This week I did a radio show at Uni and put in so much effort to try and make it run smoothly, and I actually felt I did okay, fingers crossed the grade matches that comment. 
I have also sorted out my dissertation for third year this week, I am going to be working with Age UK making a video that they can use to promote the charity, and that they can also use in presentations and on the website; I'm excited to be doing some work that I'm proud of, and that can help a cause, and that I can also add to my CV. 
It is onward and upwards from here!

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