Sunday, 25 March 2012


My friend Tunney is obsessed with taking photos, and after our little trip to Manchester, Tunney came back with me to Uni, and my other friend Kara came down a day later. We again had so much fun, and had such a good time out. And every part of the night was documented by my lovely friend, who is a woman obsessed!!
I won't bore you with all the photos, but I'll just put on a few nice and funny ones.

Today was also a glorious and beautiful day, me and my friends said goodbye to my pals from home, and then spent the day in the sunshine on the park outside my flat, which is littered with student as soon as the sunshine comes out, it was amazing and I felt like I was at a festival, with blistering heat, music playing, and the smell of BBQ's floating through the air. Delightful!


  1. Looks like u had lotsa fun:D It's always be great, when havin girl-friends time:D

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  2. Hi sweetie,

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