Monday, 2 April 2012

Charity shop/Vintage shop bargains

For the past year or so now I have been obsessed with buying clothes, belts, bags and loads of other things from charity shops, and vintage shops. My collection is glowing all the time, and it is all very cheap!
Just last week I bought a new backpack from British heart foundation, and some lovely new trouseres from an independent boutique/vintage shop called Flock. Today I also purchased two new tops from various charity shops in the town I live in.
Apart from being cheap, it is also nice to find pieces of clothing that you know no one else will have, it makes me happy to know I am a little less like everyone else, and not everything I own is from popular high street shops; however, I can't deny a lot of my clothes still are from places like Topshop, it is where I go to treat myself, it is undeniably beautiful.
Trousers- Flock boutique/vintage store £18
Backpack- British heart foundation £4
White crop top- Mind £3

Black/gold strappy crop top- Sue Ryder £2.95

Not the best quality photos, just taken on my phone, but you get the drift!