Monday, 11 June 2012

My 20th Birthday, the silver lining to a very grey cloud

I haven't blogged in a very long time yet again, I am really loosing the plot with it! I suppose the main reason is because me and my boyfriend of three years broke up on the 23rd May, which is still now horrible and upsetting. However, on a lighter note, it was my 20th birthday yesterday, and it made me realise how incredible my friends and family are. I had such an amazing night out on the 9th, and I got so many drinks bought for me, and was basically treated like a princess, to make sure I wasn't sad. Then yesterday on my actual birthday the sun decided to come out to play and me and my mum, dad, sister, her fiancee, my grandma and her partner went for the most beautiful meal, and then for drinks. I spent the whole day in the sunshine in my new clothes and it has made everything so much more bearable.

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